Tuesday, December 30, 2008


It's no surprise the economy is a mess and retail outlets are suffering. I, personally, spent more this holiday season than any other I do believe. I didn't exactly keep track but I spent more on my nieces and nephew this year because they're getting older and the stuff they're into costs more. My husband and I also make more than we did last year at this time, so it seemed to make sense. But the same is not true for most people. I did notice a lot of people walking the mall, but not many people were checking out. Lines were not long, things were not crazy. I have to say Christmas shopping was not stressful and I actually enjoyed it. The future of this country, though, scares me. The fear for most people is the worst part because everyone will pull in the reigns just in case they end up on the chopping block or get laid off. It's the smart thing to do but it won't help the economy any. We've backed ourselves into quite a corner, or "they" have or whomever. Regardless, I have a feeling we are all about to see some things that will make us very uncomfortable. We'll no longer be on top, seem so untouchable, or live beyond our means. A large reality check is in store for us all. Working in news, I obviously have fears of my own. My news company has seen layoffs and there is a sort of cloud looming over us wondering if there will be more and if it will affect the news department. This is a bad time for news right now. Not only are we struggling with the internet, and people changing the way they get news, but newspapers are struggling. Most stations own newspapers, so cuts must be made across the board to make up for those losses. Right now, my husband and I are thankful to have a job, any place, anywhere. Here's to hoping for all of you as well!

Saturday, December 27, 2008


I tried to see some holiday lights in South Carolina during our first Christmas away from Illinois. I must say everything you see here is small potatoes compared to the Festival of Lights in East Peoria. You really can't get much better than what they do. The lights we went to see were made to be a pretty big deal, but it was a lot of blow up decorations and I really felt like I was driving through Creve Coeur. Most of the decorations could have come from a local store... And although there were a ton of lights, it was nothing special, a lot of trees lit up, etc. It made me really miss home. Be thankful if you are in the Peoria area this holiday season! Although I can't complain about the 68-degree weather we had Christmas Day : )

Friday, December 19, 2008


It's always been a pet peeve of mine when people park in handicapped spots and they're not handicapped. It seems to happen more around the holidays. Parking is a nightmare, so people think they are somehow better than everyone else and deserve to take these spots. Especially when crazy holiday shopping is happening, should these spots stay open for those who really need them. Then there are the people who have the little handicapped tag because they often transport a family member who can't walk far. Those people are not with them, but they use the spot anyway. They bother me too. Don't take advantage of your loved ones' disabilities. Is it so horrible to walk a little? I don't think so. I think I should become one of those citizens who is able to write tickets to people like that. I would go crazy & spend a lot of my time busting these people... LOOK OUT!

Friday, December 12, 2008


Today we covered a story about a home invasion where a 19-year-old was accused of breaking into the home of an elderly couple. The 80-year-old man jumped up to defend his wife and was beaten for his wallet. It breaks my heart to see an elderly couple, still best friends of course, be treated this way. It seems more elderly people are being targeted for robberies lately because they are most vulnerable. It's a despicable truth that makes you sick to your stomach. I don't know how anyone, especially the teenagers who are usually doing things like this, can find it in themselves to hurt someone who would never be violent back. They often steal the wallet and then beat them.... When they could steal it and just run away. It's bizarre and sad and I feel like they should maybe be punished more harshly for attacking someone who is unlikely to defend themselves.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


I just returned from Jamaica with the most wonderful husband on this planet. It was a wild experience on so many levels. First, the excitement of going on a honeymoon... Then the warm beach, the ocean view, the hammocks, and an all-inclusive resort. It was so strange to walk in to nice restaurants, order from a menu, be waited on hand and foot, and then not pay. We all know we really did pay of course because the trip wasn't cheap. But still...
I was a big fan of the big green flag they give you to stick in the sand when you need something. We stayed at Couples Swept Away... A 10-acre property with just about everything you can imagine. We didn't feel the need to take any day trips because everything was right there... Parasailing, snorkeling, a cruise, glass bottom boat tour, sailing, etc. I was perfectly happy laying on a raft in the ocean, although I was a fan of the hobie cats... Little mini sails for two only. They were a little tricky to get the hang of but pretty fun. When we wandered off the property even just a foot, people of course were offering us all sorts of illegal activities. But at least they don't hound you when you say no. They kept telling us they would show us "the real sunshine." Whatever that means... Lol.
Can't wait to go back!