Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Don't get me wrong... facebook, myspace, twitter.. they have a purpose and they work for those purposes. But they also give people an outlet to do a few other things that can be hurtful. I know people who use it to make others jealous or spy on an ex. Even if they're not "friends" with you, they can look on your friends pages and still see what's going on in your life. A girlfriend sees a picture a guy was tagged in with some pretty girls and all of a sudden, that's a fight. Maybe it's warranted, maybe it's not. But it has changed things dramatically. Then there are the times there is nothing vicious or mean about something you see... except that someone close to you seems like a different person and they seem to be posting things behind your back. They haven't done anything wrong but somehow it feels like a secret because you learn things about them you didn't know had you not looked at their "page." And what's worse, is they have a whole community involved in that part of their life... all which is foreign to you. It's awkward and uncomfortable and infuriating. I wish people would use these sites for what their meant for... keep in touch with old friends, use it as an outlet to post pictures and tag and all that good stuff. But remember that no communication is better than the one where you sit next to a friend or loved one and talk to them... or pick up a phone and give them the details of your day instead of posting them in tweets. Most importantly, do not allow anyone to feel like they are left out of your life because of what you post on the internet.